Some of the key areas on which our Committee focuses are as follows.  If you are interested in joining the admin team - click here to email us!
  • Maintaining the Club database by inputting people proposed for membership and updating their status once they become members; Deleting members when they leave the Club and work with Rotary International's database to make certain our databases are in sync.  
  • Maintain the billing to members for Club dues.  We report monthly to the President all outstanding dues and help where needed with the collection process.
  • Maintain the Club By-Laws and help the Club officers with the proper procedures should there be a proposal to change or amend the By-Laws. 
  • Assist the Past President and his/her Nominating Committee to ensure proper protocol is followed during the nomination and ballot process. We collect and tabulate all ballot responses.
  • We maintain the website, assist with social media presence and produce the newsletter. 
  • We attend the District Training Assembly for ongoing training in the various software and processes we use. 
  • We interface with all of the other Committees and assist them as needed. 
  • We provide content from the Club to the District Newsletter for wider exposure.
  • Add content to our local website and newsletter from the District to keep members informed.