Members: Brian Chima, Susan Colville-Hall, Marcia Holcomb, Wanda Whipkey, Doug Hausknecht, Brian Kosarko, Jack Harig, Keryl Whetstone, Barry Hollis, Stew Buchanan, Cathryn O’Malley, Leslie Tierney.
Brian Chima reported on the November RYE meeting.  He developed the sheet on likes and dislikes for Sky and made announcements so that other Rotarians and families will take advantage of the opportunity to interact with her while inviting her to do something. Brian will continue to make these announcements on a regular basis and will also help set up these up with Sky and the Rotarian at hand.
Our RYE student, Sky (Yi-Chieh CHEN) made the transition to her 2nd home with the Laber family (Jim, Laurel, Grace, Aby and Ally) before Christmas and all has been well. The move was during her exams so it wasn’t the easiest, but Sky rose to the occasion and has been very happy.   Sky also attended the Strongsville Rotary Christmas breakfast with one of the RYE students, Margot Dussauge.Sky will be performing in the Cheerleading event on January 27 (Friday) around 6:30 at the American Elite Club in Tallmadge.  Rotarians are invited to attend.  Wanda will make announcements at Rotary meetings. 
A THANK YOU card for Sky’s 1st host family, Terri Harris and Kim Marmash,  was circulated during our last luncheon for all Rotarians to sign.
For other committee news dealing with outreach: 
Enoch Wang, Outbound Candidate, for 2017-2018 from Akron decided NOT to apply for the exchange program.  
Brian Kosarko will work on developing a Short video with bios of RYE Outbound students
and Susan will take more bios of current exchange students that Brian can add later.
For the next District RYE Activities:
Strongsville will be hosting the toboggan run January 15. 
Our own Akron Club is planning for RYE Games Overnight at Akron Rotary Camp, Feb. 18-19.   Susan and Brian Chima will handle the program of activities for the.  Brian Kosarko and Doug Hausknecht may also be involved.