Very interesting experience in the Chinendaga area of Nicaragua where Cheryl and Stew Buchanan and Brandon McFadden (our grandson) helped in giving shoe boxes to the children of the dump and other children in some of the neighboring schools.
It is fun to see the smiles on the faces of these children when they receive their shoe box of various items like a tooth brush, ball cap, school supplies and much more.  Seeing where they go to school, how far they have to walk, where they live, etc. is a real eye opener.
Rotary has had a focus on education for these children in the area and they now have classes through high school.  Some of these children who were part of the families in the dump area have now finished college because of Rotary's help.
Rotary has helped to provide equipment, etc. for a trade school for some of the children from the area where we visited.
We also visited the dump where families still survive by salvaging what they can from the trash.   We also visited a home started by Rotary, for expectant mothers who come from many miles away to stay until they are ready to deliver.  Prior to this home, these women slept on park benches or whatever across the street from the hospital until delivery time.
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