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Jeff Sitz
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If you could be there then you know what I’m writing about and if you were not, then you missed a great meeting on March 21st. It started with four scholarship students receiving their scholarships and giving a small thank you speech. I’m still amazed at the obstacles that are put in front of these kids and how they adapt and overcome to reach their goals. They overcome these things all while serving their fellow students and members of their communities.
After the scholarships, we heard from The Honorable Daniel M. Horrigan, Mayor of the City of Akron. The mayor spoke about many of the positive things that are going on in the city with the increased focus on residential building downtown, to the efforts to entice new businesses downtown. He also spent a good amount of time focusing on the challenges that we face as a community. From the sewer project, budgetary constraints put on by the continued decrease in federal and state dollars to our continued stagnant population growth issues. The Mayor then opened it up to take questions from our members and their guest.
The best part about having the mayor there was that he came to talk us, the Akron Rotary Club! As a club, we should always be striving to be the premier service organization in our region. When our elected officials seek the help of their people, our club should be one of the first places they think to come.   Our goal should be to not only attract members with a heart for service above self but to seek out those who have character and influence (in that order). We all know and have seen the ramifications of influence without character and that is why I appreciate the guidelines of the Rotary four-way test.  Also, important though is the influence that people have in our businesses and community. Many times, people have negative conations when they hear the word influence. The truth is though, that leadership is influence. If you don’t have it then you’re not a leader. Both characteristics are critical to the continued growth of our club. My hope is that we never stop striving for excellence in the areas of character and leadership as we continue to grow as a club, all while making a more meaningful impact on the city we serve.
Yours in Rotary Service - 
Jeff Sitz
Akron Rotary Club, President
Mar 28, 2017
Dakota Access Pipeline
Apr 06, 2017
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Jan 03, 2017 – Jun 27, 2017
After Hours FUN Celebrate Thomas Jefferson's B-Day
Edgars Restaurant at Good Park Golf Course
Apr 13, 2017
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2017 District Conference & Training Assembly
Apr 21, 2017 10:30 AM –
Apr 23, 2017
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Jun 23, 2017
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The purpose of Rotary Cares is to show our support for Akron Rotary members and their families when dealing with the loss of a loved one, the hardship of illness and also to celebrate the joy of a new baby, job, marriage or other events in their lives. Please be sure to email me with any news you would like placed here.
  • Condolences to Jim Redmond and his family. His father, Roland Charles "Ching" Redmond passed away in February. Memorials may be made to the Akron Community Foundation, c/o "The Redmond Family" fund, 345 W. Cedar St., Akron, OH 44307, in memory of Ching Redmond. 
  • Congratulations to fellow member and a Past Club President, Mark Krohn. Mark has opened The Law Office of Mark E. Krohn, Esq., LLC. His new firm is located in Akron at 1530 West Market Street, Suite G and the website is

Next After Hours Event

After Hours Event, Thurs. 4/13
 5:30 to 8 PM
Edgars Restaurant at Good Park golf course.
Meatballs, Grilled Veg Antipasto Platter, Chips and Salsa
$16.00 per person

Our Youth Exchange Student Keeps Busy

Our RYE student, Sky (Yi-Chieh CHEN) is doing well and is very happy with her experience in northeast Ohio.  She has a good relationship with all family members, and has been enjoying especially having older sisters in the Laber family of Stow.  Sky acknowledges that she needs to work more at school and cannot miss without an excuse.  She acquired several absences to date because of Florida trip in December and Rotary meetings she has attended.   Sky will attend Rotary the last week of March during her spring vacation.  
Marcia Holcomb completed the 2nd month report for the host family, a procedure required by the U.S. Department of State to insure that all Rotary exchange students are in good hands.  Marcia’s report was positive, although the family would like more notice in meetings and gatherings sponsored by Akron or the district.    
Because Sky arrived in the middle of September and missed orientation at Rotary Camp, Sky participated in her 1st Akron Rotary Camp Overnight with district RYE students Feb. 18-19 (pictured).  She had a fantastic time with interactive games, cultural exercises and just hanging out with other exchange students.  One of her favorite activities. 
Sky met her 3rd host family, the Carrolls, Jennifer and Richard, children David (17) and Audrey (15). They are a lovely professional family: Jen is an ob-gyn physician and Richard is a retired professor of pharmaceuticals.  We expect to see Sky move around the 10th of April.
What an opportunity.  Sky’s was able to participate in the Rotary sponsored Eastern Trip March 10-March 19.   She and about 80 RYE students from all over the U. S. traveled by bus to Washington, D. C., New York and Boston during the 2017 March blizzard!!  Sky maintained that she had FUN, but was extremely cold.  She was very proud of her photos of the capital and Times Square.  We owe a great deal to Host Mom, Laurel Laber, for arranging Sky’s transportation to the Eastern Trip meeting place in Columbus and return to Stow.  While it appeared a logistical nightmare, our committee decided that Laurel Laber may have a future career as a travel agent.
Save the date:  April 9.  Sky’s American Elite (cheerleading) team performance is that evening.  Sky has adopted a totally American phenomenon and she loves it, both the interaction with her teammates and the physical challenges.   Sky will also present information about her country of Taiwan to the Rotary Club of Akron in April or May.

Presidents Roast:  Share Your Spirited Stories

The annual President's Roast is scheduled for Friday, June 23rd at 6:00 p.m.
at Rotary Camp. Save the date ... registration will open soon!
But we need your input NOW please: 
In keeping with tradition, we'll have a spirited and
playful program
to celebrate
President Jeff Sitz. 
Please plan on participating in the fun by
providing your stories and memories to
Chairperson Sandy Naragon at

District 6630 Conference - Time to Register

District 6630 Conference April 21-23, 2017 
10:30 am Annual Meeting, Lunch Presentations, Breakouts. 
5:30 pm Cocktail Party / Dinner.

7:45 am Breakfast, District Training Assembly,  Lunch and 4 Way Test Speech Winners & More!
2:30 pm Join us for an afternoon carnival.
2:30 PM Youth Services Project: Interact, Rotaract and Youth Exchange Shoes for the Sole Project. 
5:30 pm Cocktail Party / Dinner.

8:00-10:00 am Breakfast with other Rotarians. 
              9:15 am Non-denominational Memorial Service will take place in separate room.

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But we can only share what you share with me!   To submit your stories, photos, etc. simply email and put AKRON NEWS SUBMISSION in the subject line.  The story should be sent in the body of the email or in a WORD document.  Photos should be attached as jpg files.  Please identify, if possible, the names of those in the photos you send.
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