Posted by Brian Kosarko
Want to have some fun while rowing for a great cause?
Please consider being on the Dragon Boat team!
We need to verify if we can support a full team very shortly so let me know if you are fully interested in participating and if you have anyone else who may like to participate.
Brian Kosarko

We need at least 8 women in the boat at any point in time and the boat holds 20 people, our team can have up to 24 people.
Here is the website for the event

It costs $1200 for the team to participate in the event so expect about $50 per person out of pocket.
I will check with our Rotary Club to see if they will sponsor us again ... but we cannot count on this right now.
There will be 1 practice before the day in an evening decided by the event organizers.
On the day of, the event starts at 7:30am but as we have learned, only the captain or 1 person needs to be there to sign us up. The rest of the people need to be there around 8:30 to get ready. The races start at 9am so all the team would need to be there and ready in case we are in one of the first races.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
We will have to check with fellow Rotarian Tom Knauer to see if he can help with shirt logo again if anything needs changed.
Otherwise, I think I can get new shirts at about $25 each if we get 12 or more, $22 if we get 18 or more. These are performance t-shirts with the logo on them.

Our current team is below with the indented people being invited by the Rotarian above them:
Brian Kosarko
              Angela Kosarko
              Hannah Lingel
Connor Jarvis
David Hall
              AnnMarie Hall
Olivia Pilon
              1 or 2 work associates?
Julie Brandle
Karen Hrdlicka
Susan Colville-Hall
Brian Shanower (Brian K)
Natalie Shanower (Brian K)
Garrett Morgner (Brian K)
Bri Hastings (Brian K)
If you know anyone who would be interested or wants to participate, let me know and we can add them to the list.
Hoping you can join us!!
Brian Kosarko