Apr 02, 2024 12:00 PM
Julie Carneal, CEO

Julie started her career working in the printing industry for Accurate Color. Julie went on to marry longtime friend Kevin and became a wife and mother of two. Wanting to raise her children as a stay-at-home mother, Julie took on odd jobs. Once her children attended school, Julie took a job with Barberton City Schools. Downsizing forced Julie on a new career path. Julie went on to become a food service manager at Brookdale Senior Living.     

Tragedy struck the Carneal household with the loss of their son, making Julie reevaluate life. She decided she wanted to dedicate her life to serving others.  Julie and Kevin raised their children to have a heart of servanthood, serving at the Akron Bible Church, Hope Café, and OPEN M. The family favored OPEN M, and Julie spent ten years as a volunteer, church representative, and summer camp coordinator.

Julie transitioned into an OPEN M employee, becoming the Food Service and Facilities Manager. She saw the daily struggle of hunger and was determined to grow the three food service programs. Julie spent seven years expanding services to the ten programs and initiatives they have today. Julie’s eleven years of service at OPEN M have moved her through the ranks, becoming COO and, most recently, CEO. Julie’s leadership and vision have OPEN M becoming a household name, while building programs that lift and promote faith, hope and healing.