Posted by Brian Chima on Nov 14, 2018
Our RYE outbound exchange student is Audrey Carroll and she’s in Potsdam, Germany.  Below are her answers to my interview of her, and some photos of her and her host family. 
----From Audrey Caroll----
Hello Rotary Club of Akron!
So far my time in Germany has been great!

Language Level:
My German has improved tremendously since I came here. Although I am not fluent I am able to understand a lot and can have conversations. I guess I would rate it a 5 out of 10.

What I like:
I like a lot of the things about Germany. For one there is a lot of history in my town Potsdam and in Berlin which I go to a lot in the weekends. I have gone and visited old buildings and historical sights here. I also really love that there is so much to do. There is shopping in Berlin and sight-seeing and tons of nice restaurants and places to go. Also, the public transportation here is great. You can go practically anywhere in Potsdam or Berlin with only public transportation. I take the tram a lot through town and the train to Berlin. The Rotary club here has weekly German lessons for me and the other exchange students in the Potsdam clubs. It is nice being able to see the other exchange students and we have all become great friends. We hang out a lot and explore the city.

What I dislike:
There are a few things I dislike about Germany. For one I dislike having to ride my bike everywhere. I have to ride it to school every day, to my German lessons and to the store. I am always getting tired and sweaty in the day. I also dislike the food here. For every meal we eat bread (and always the same bread). For breakfast we eat it with jam, for lunch with cheese, and for dinner with all.  And dinners here are not like in America. Sometimes we don’t eat dinner because it isn’t viewed as an important meal. It has taken some getting used to.
My favorite food:
My favorite food here is probably the pizza. It is not a typical German food but the European pizza is very thin and much less greasy. My host family tends to get pizza on the weekends and I love it.

In summary:
Overall my time has been great and I am very glad to have been sent here by the Rotary. Thank you, Akron Rotary Club, for all of your help!
Audrey Carroll
----- End of letter ------
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