Posted by Pat O'Neill
With his suit neatly pressed and a bowtie around his neck,
His head is shining without a speck.
When we’d gather at Portage, he was known for his socks
It certainly was not for his flowing locks.
At the crack of dawn he hits the gym,
To get the guns, the abs and keep his waistline slim.
The world's strongest McGregor was a title he owned.
Thanks to those push ups that keep him toned.
He’s a man who is humble, and a man who won’t gloat.
But he sure puffs out his chest when he’s in a dragon boat.
When he walked Abby and Ali down the aisle,
From the International Space Station you could see his smile.
Sharon and Rob you sure raised your girls right,
But that black and yellow is a hideous sight.
He’s a medical doctor, that’s easy to see.
So who convinced him to be the President of Rotary?
“Rob, you’ll be our leader and it will be a piece of cake.
So little of your time this job will take.”
12 months later, and it was all a blur
Zooming each week, you became a tech connoisseur.
The ice breakers were a hit, just don’t call on me.
I can’t quickly recall my favorite memory.
Oh wait, yes I can, I remember this year.
The beautiful sight as Big Ben shed a tear.
He goes by many names including dad, doc, and Rob.
During the year of Covid, we had the best man for the job.
Our club had your back, for that much is clear,
As long as we didn’t ask, “how about just one more year?”
Mr. Past-President, we can’t thank you enough
I’m sure watching Steve take the mic won’t be so tough.
So, to the man with many names, you found your favorite this year
Being called Papa Mac will bring you the most cheer.
So Dr. Rob, I hope this poem you found cute,
Cheers to not having to say, “you forgot to unmute.”