Posted by Cheryl Warren on Oct 07, 2019

Such as a treasure . . .

An email enters my inbox in August:  it said:  "I picked up a vintage roster of your club, I am a Rotarian. I would like to send you pictures of every page. It’s a cool history of your club .... any interest?"
I asked a couple questions and immediately introduced him to our Club Historian, PDG Jack Harig. 

Jack took it from there - and he did a tremendous job coordinating to bring this document home.  You can view the document by clicking on the image to the left.
It turns out that Mr. John Waterman, who sent the email, found this treasure. He is a Rotarian and collector of Rotary memorabilia. He lost his entire collection, including 3 original signatures of Paul Harris, along with his home, in the "Camp Fire" that took their town of Paradise last year. He had been a member of Paradise Rotary until the fire then joined Roseville Rotary.
Mr. Waterman spotted this 1916 Roster for sale on the WEB and purchased it. He then contacted us, the result being we now have this historical treasure in our hands.  Thank you to Mr. Waterman and to Jack for all they did to coordinate and ultimately obtain and scan the document - their long hours are much appreciated and will keep our history alive.  You can view the document by clicking on the image to the left.