Congratulations to our newest Akron Crown recipients
(L-R) Terry Dalton and
Wanda Raber Whipkey
Terry was selected as King for being an integral part of the Zoom meetings, keeping Dr. Rob's Rotary calendar straight, all his work on the scholarship program and for writing the weekly speaker re-caps. 
Wanda was crowned as Queen of the Chili Open for who has shepherd it the past couple years with various co-chairs. She did an outstanding job again this year and continues to set the bar higher each year for the event.
When our Club began meeting remotely, Katy was so impressed with Cheryl Warren's handling of our Zooms that she spontaneously sent her a Tiara and crowned her the Queen of Zoom!
Cheryl approached Katy to ask if they could "pass it forward", so they decided to keep it moving every other month or so, crowning a Queen or King or Both for their efforts to benefit our club! Katy secured a Kings crown to have in addition to the Tiara.
The member(s) who receives the crown(s) must wear them for a month to our weekly meetings – either virtually or when we go live.
We will do it every other month to allow time in between to transition the “Akron Rotary Crown”
The member(s) who last received the crown(s) then helps Cheryl and Katy identify the next worthy member(s) then he/she drops off the committee and the next recipient joins us – so it rotates.
Now, Terry and Wanda will be part of the committee to help pick the next recipient(s) and will then drop off and the new recipients come it rotates.  
It's important to point out that this is not a popularity contest - some month's there may be no one and other month's there may be more than one person.  We are looking for members who are often doing things quietly behind the scene or big things too.
We encourage the committee chairs and all members to submit ideas to Katy and Cheryl - just email us.  We want to continue recognizing members for all their good deeds!