Posted by Julie Brandle
With the cancellation of all Rotary International Student Exchanges, our foundation has funds that will go unused for these programs.  These funds have now been designated for emergency funds to assist Rotary clubs in other countries with unexpected expenses as a result of COVID.  Rotary clubs around the world are struggling as members are losing jobs and the need for Rotary services is greater in their communities.  What better way to support fellow Rotarians during this time than to support these struggling clubs.  Thank you Claudine Schooley, Brian Chima, and Susan Colville-Hall for the idea.  Over 1/3 of our club supports work internationally. The Board approved a $500 grant each to three clubs in Honduras, Columbia and Equador.  With these funds we can help ease the burden of fellow Rotarians in Central and South Americas.
“Our foundation board recognizes there are people struggling around the globe as a result of COVID,” remarked James Redmond, Foundation Board President and Rotary Club of Akron Member.  “To be able to send some love from Akron is a remarkable idea, and we were all too happy to do it.”
There are still limited funds that remain.  Akron Rotarians - If you have an International club in need you would like to recommend, please contact Julie Brandle, Rotary Club of Akron Past President and Foundation Board Communications Chair at 330.858.6672 or
Foundation Board Officers and Members
  • James Redmond, President    
  • Katy Miller, Vice President
  • Mark Krohn, Treasurer
  • Sally Christman, Secretary
  • Julie Brandle, Communication/Public Relations
  • Steve Buie, Governance/Liaison to Club Board
  • Marcia Holcomb, Nomination/Roster
  • Rima Muakkassa, Ph.D, Scholarships
  • Jeff Sitz, Finance
  • Brian Steere, Fundraising/Development