Claudine Schooley shared the following thank you sent to the Foundation and Club Members.  The report of how the funds were used along with photos are also included below their  thank you.

Rotary Club of Akron
District 6630 Ohio
Mrs. Claudine Schooley
Dear Rotarians,
As legal representative of the Refugio de Ancianos San Cristobal in Medellin I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your kind donation to our institution.
Your donation is very important and will help us maintain a dignified and brighter life for our 60 seniors, all of them coming from a previous life of neglect and abuse.
Please remit our appreciation for your generosity to the members of your club.
Warm regards
Teléfono 216 16 58 - 216 16 40
Nit 890 984 879-8
Personería Jurídica 12191
Report on the $500 donation from Akron Rotary Foundation
When Claudine Schooley first reached out to me about a donation to buy food for families on the dam where the Alberto Chedrani School is located, they were suffering from the pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, others could not even leave the area due to government restrictions.
Then, in November, two tropical storms impacted Honduras within 10 days. The general area of the dam was among the hardest hit, and thousands of families lost everything in the floods.
2020 was a truly tragic year, and this year will be complicated, too. This is why I am so happy and grateful for your donation of $500 for food for poor families on the dam. It brings a ray of hope in a time of great suffering. Thank you so much for allowing us to serve.
With the funds, equivalent to 12,192 Lempiras, we purchased 300 lbs of rice, 200 lbs of beans, 50 lbs of coffee, 82 lbs of sugar, 144 lbs of wheat flour, 75 lbs of spaghetti, 50 lbs of fat, 50 tomato sauces and 270 lbs of corn flour. This is the basic Honduran diet. The kids at El Refugio packed 50 bags for equal number of families. We think that each bag feeds a family of six for up to a week.
We distributed the bags all along the dam, all the way from the beginning to the school. We handed one bag to each mother or grandmother present and took many pictures.
I hope you can feel how happy these families are to receive your gift.
Again, thank you so much for your kind donation.