Posted by Douglas Hausknecht
Second Chance Village November 5
Our first volunteer opportunity with Second Chance Village was on Sunday Oct 5. Carol and Doug Hausknecht prepared some of the biscuits and gravy that were served. Cyndi Kane and Brandon Haverlick (volunteer friend of Rotary) joined in serving along with Ryan Scanlon and one of his board members.
The day was sunny and warm (for November anyway) so the tarps that were needed the previous week were not in use.  Trauma survivors who have become unhoused or were recently unhoused are invited to the park at E. Market St. and Case Avenue for the hot meal and other supplies that Second Chance Village is able to supply.  In addition to the usual socks, gloves and hats SCV had on hand such necessities as toilet paper rolls, Narcan, and even cotton swabs.  It became obvious that first hand knowledge of needs was paramount in the selection. 
That day maybe 2 dozen friends came to eat, gather a few things, sit and talk with each other, with the friends from SCV and with us.  As we wrapped up leftover food was packaged as individual servings and Ryan went to where others stay and delivered the still warm meals.  Not a crumb was wasted and all was appreciated.