Posted by Robert McGregor on Feb 03, 2021
Dear Fellow Club Members:
It was great to see the energy from those who participated in our meeting on February 2nd
The ratings and comments you provided in the recent survey gave us a wonderful base for this meeting.
Our virtual brainstorming session consisted of six different breakout rooms – each focused on an area of our Strategic Priorities.
  • Impact
  • Experience
  • Include
  • Engage
  • Transform
  • Innovate
Our facilitators and scribes captured the discussions and will provide their summaries to me in the coming days. 
Next Steps:
The facilitators/scribes will share highlights as a team, then I will take our suggestions for action to the Club board. 
At our weekly meeting on Tuesday, March 9th I will discuss the action items with you – our Club members.

So please mark your calendar to attend! 
I can’t thank everyone enough for the time and expertise they put into this process. It is important for the future of our Club that we continue this forward motion.
Your Partner in Service –
Rob McGregor, MD
Rotary Club of Akron President 2020-2021