Posted by Terrence Dalton
The Rotary Club of Akron enjoyed listening to Fred Carter at our Tuesday, January 17, 2023, Club meeting. Click here to view the presentation.
Fred Carter is currently serving as the President of the Port-Summit Rotary Club.  He is also the owner of the Schooley Mitchell location serving Northeast Ohio.  
Mr. Carter provided some personal information about his interests and how he became interested in providing service to his communities.  Fred talked about his mother and how she was such a role model to himself as well as many others when it came to volunteering, organizing, teaching, advocating, and lobbying for various causes.
Over the years, Fred has volunteered with a variety of service organizations and other not-for-profit organizations.  He has been committed to giving money to service clubs and non-profits.
His interest in giving back to the community is what led him to working for Schooley Mitchell.
What is Schooley Mitchell?
Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America.  On average, they reduce essential business service expenses by 28%.  Schooley Mitchell is passionate about saving money for their clients and helping them grow their businesses.  Schooley Mitchell delivers expertise to companies of all sizes from all industries.
As you can see, Schooley Mitchell is a perfect fit for Fred.
How can Schooley Mitchell help a business?
  • On average, organizations spend 35% more than they need to on business services.
  • In a recent survey, the majority (81%) of participating companies had errors on their telecommunications bills.
  • Organizations spend up to 15% of their operational costs on telecommunications and merchant processing fees and lack both the time and special tools to optimize.
  • Most clients feel they negotiated a good deal on their services but…
  • …they only know what their organization pays.
  • Imbalance allows the service provider to overcharge
What is the Solution?
  • Expertise and Data
  • Marketplace intelligence
  • Action to
    • Create Savings
    • Deliver ongoing value
What Services are Provided?
  • They are completely independent of all service suppliers and solely look out for your best interests with objective advice
  • Their clients reduce their various business expenses by an average of 28%
  • Over 27,000 clients
  • $540 million in documented savings delivered to clients
  • Specialized software, benchmarking tools, best-in-class pricing databases
  • Independent and objective
  • Focused, experienced and skilled
  • Fees earned by saving money for clients
How can this approach help a non-profit or service club?
  • If you have the operational costs, let’s see what is possible to reduce them.
  • Money saved is money in the bank.
  • If Fred is introduced to a decision maker, he will donate a flat % of any revenue he receives.
  • Lasts entire duration of the relationship.
  • This donation can be to Rotary or to other non-profit organizations.
To learn more about how this program might assist your company or non-profit organizations/clubs you might belong to, contact Fred at or call him at 330.708.2944.
Yours in Service,
Terry Dalton
Club Secretary and Scholarship Chair