Posted by Susan Colville-Hall on Oct 28, 2020
Stew Buchanan and I met with Claudine Schooley and the group that is forming the ICC with Ukraine last Thursday. They are doing some pretty awesome work. The projects were presented here.  Stew, Doug Hausknecht and I will continue to meet with this group.
Claudine Schooley, Chair of ICC Ukraine – USA, served as host and introduced 22 members (from Rotary districts all over the U.S. and Ukraine) and guests who attended the International Zoom meeting entitled, Hearts of Europe Global Grant Program, Wednesday, Oct. 21. Susan Colville-Hall and Stew Buchanan attended from the Rotary Club of Akron.  Guest speaker, Mykola Stebljanko, PDG Rotary District 2232, Ukraine-Belarus, presented on the USAID Hearts of Europe Global Grant Program.  A jointly funded 3-year program by USAID and The Rotary Foundation, it has an application window which opened in March 2020 and closes with projects completed and reports submitted by the 4th quarter of 2022.
Grants are administered by The Rotary Foundation and are matched by the Club and USAID. 
For example, you have $15,000 from the Club + $15,000 TRF + $15,000 USAID = $45,000.
Program requirements are the same as Rotary Global Grants.  There are a few additional requirements.  **** see last paragraph
The three initial projects selected for implementation in Ukraine are:
1.         Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (Estimated Budget - $95,000)
2.         VTT: Exchange of Experience in Cardiac Surgery (Estimated Budget - $136,000)
3.         The Ring of Care for Mother and Baby (Estimated Budget - $166,000)
Mykola Stebljanko is available to present at any USA club zoom meeting, and he looks forward to receiving invitations.  Mykola Stebljanko is also willing to participate to a zoom meeting at the virtual ICC table (House of Friendship) at District 5240 Conference, November 6-8, 2020.
Claudine also made an announcement about the ICC World Conference in Kiev in October 2021.
*****  In addition, (1) projects should increase engagement and strengthen relationships between Rotary members in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe. (2) The International Club must be a Rotary Club/District in the U.S. and Host Club must be one of the Eastern Europe countries where USAID has a presence. (3) A member of the International Club or District must visit the project and meet members of the Host Club and involve Rotaractors in the Project if a Rotaract Club is in the vicinity.  Pre- and Post Project Surveys and Quarterly Reports are required.
Yours in Service - 
Susan Colville-Hall