Posted by Cheryl Warren on Jun 11, 2019

Jack Harig, PDG (2003-2004) has been surprising some of our members with historical Rotary Theme ties.  This week there were two recipients: 

  • Incoming Club President, Pat O'Neill (left) received the 2001-2002 tie with the theme "Mankind Is Our Business" (RI President Richard King)
  • Doug Hausknecht (right) received the 2010-2011 tie with the theme "Building Communities Bridging Continents" (100th RI President Ray Klinginsmith)
 While checking the history, I found a great article about the History of the RI ties you might enjoy. It is in the RI Archives and was in the 2010 Rotarian Magazine page 40-41.  It can be found by clicking here or you can cut and paste this link into your browser