The Rotary Club of Akron enjoyed hearing about current programs provided by Keep Akron Beautiful during our Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Club meeting. Our guest speaker was Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti Chief Executive Officer of Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB).   Jacqui has been the CEO of KAB since December 2014.  We experienced technical difficulty however you can hear the presentation by clicking here.
Keep Akron Beautiful is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve Akron’s quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management. KAB is a city and private sector funded agency, Jacqui is responsible for raising over $800,000 annually to operate the agency by extensive grant writing.  Keep America Beautiful, Inc. awarded the agency second place recognition in 2014 for comprehensive program excellence of affiliates serving similar populations. Akron has been a President’s Circle Award recipient annually since 2003.
What Does KAB Do?
KAB has three main focuses: (1) Beautification, (2) Litter Reduction and (3) Community Improvement
  • Adopt-a-Site - Adopt-a-Sites are volunteer driven, help beautify public lands in Akron. Volunteers prepare, plant, & maintain flower garden for the season
  • Beautification Watch Awards - Beautification Watch recognize businesses & residents who keep their properties clean & beautiful.
  • Flowerscape Program – Flowerscapes are functional urban flower gardens that beautify the community and provide habitat for wildlife.  They are planned, planted, and maintained by Flowerscape Crew.
 Litter Reduction Program - KAB litter crew supervises court-ordered community service workers to clean entrance & exit ramps
Loan a Receptacle - Loan 50-gallon litter and/or recycling receptacles to assist with public litter control at public space events.
Clean Up Akron Month – Clean Up Akron Month is KAB’s largest volunteer event of the year. Every April, volunteers from all around the area take the initiative to get involved and help clean up their city after litter has accumulated over the winter months. CUAM runs April 1-30.
Volunteers can organize their own cleanup (KAB provides supplies) or volunteer in a community cleanup.
COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT:  Available to residents May-September
  • Community Pride Trailer Litter & Illegal Dum Cleanup Trailer (CPTL)
    • Project must be on public property, greenspace, city park, or nonprofit
    • CPT is stocked with landscaping tools and cleanup supplies
    • CPTL is stocked with litter collection tools and cleanup supplies
  • Graffiti Wipeout Services
    • Graffiti removal service for public property within the City of Akron; immediate removal within 24-48   hours
    • Can remove graffiti from personal property for a fee
Educate residents on proper recycling to reduce contamination rates and keep recyclables from landfills
  • No plastic bags or recyclables bagged
  • No garbage or yard waste
  • No food/drink in containers
  • Oops tag for when non recyclables are in container and what to correct for following week
GREAT STREETS PROGRAM: KAB works closely with the City of Akron with this program
  • Increased Business Development
  • Greater Community Engagement
  • Improving Transportation Conditions
  • Improving Aesthetics, Urban Design, & Public Space
  • Promoting Safe Neighborhoods
2022 Accomplishments:
  • 70 floral containers were installed in 13 neighborhood business districts
  • Medicinal/ annual herbs were added to the healing garden in Maple Valley
  • Various city clean-up projects
To learn more about KAB and view some of the sites check out the recording of Tuesday's presentation and visit their website at
Terry Dalton
Rotary Club Secretary and Scholarship Chair