Posted by Susan Colville-Hall
This winter promises to be very hard on the Ukrainian people, who are often cut off from their power source.    Our own Claudine Schooley, now in Bakersfield CA, is co-chairing "Light for Ukraine”, a Rotary project to send portable solar lamps and chargers to villagers and city folk who face prospects of living in the dark.  The Rotary Club of Bakersfield Breakfast is in charge.  Let us join them to light up Ukraine.  The special Rotarian rate for 1 lamp and 1 charger is $40, supplied by a nonprofit organization in Santa Barbara, “Unite to light”
Join me and several others from our Rotary Club of Akron.  If you wish to contribute, bring cash or check to our club meeting January 10 or send check to Mella at camp. 
Contact William Black, Director of International Services, Rotary Club of Bakersfield, P.O. Box 22013, Bakersfield CA 93390 or Claudine Schooley (805 796-8351)
Donation is tax deductible.
Susan Colville-Hall