Posted by Amanda Warner

Last Chance ... to help out!

Rotary Camp Dinner Service - Thursday, August 1, 2019 

Hanging with the kids at Rotary Camp on a beautiful sunny ☀️ evening! We are truly blessed 😎👍🌞

You do not have to serve  -- you can just come out and be our guest at one of the meals!  Please join us anytime!!

Last week we had our Interact Students with us along with several Rotarians - Thank you!

Interact Class: North High Teacher/Interact Counselor, Paula Peyak is surrounded by Rishma Tamang, Yasoda Khadka, Ashika Rai, Gay Doh Soe, Sodhan Biswa, Monisha Rai, Puja Rai. 

Rotarians/guests:  Susan Wilson, Lynda Farkas, Cheryl Warren, Doug Hausknecht, Marilyn Smythe, Stu Perry, Dan Reynolds and Mella Castner.


Summer Camp Dinners are a great opportunity for Rotarians to see Rotary Camp in action, meet the campers and counselors, and serve alongside other Rotarians. 

Volunteers are needed to help set-up for dinner, serve, and help clean up afterwards.  The Staff at Rotary will be extremely grateful if you can help with any of the following dates.