The Rotary Club of Akron had the pleasure of listening to Renato Camacho at our Tuesday, April 12th meeting.  Renato “Ren” Camacho is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Akron-Canton Airport.  He has held this position since 2018.

Ren’s core responsibilities include leading a 50-member team of airport employees, strategic planning for the future of the airport, and directing all capital improvement programs.
Specifically, Ren ensures the airport is a vital, economic engine that increases economic activity and pride to Northeast Ohio.
Ren provided information on the current and future direction of the Akron-Canton Airport. Individuals wishing to view Tuesday’s presentation should Click Here to View the PowerPoint.
What authority operates the airport?
  • Public entity, governed by an eight-member Board of Trustees
  • Bi-county organization formed under Section 308 of the Ohio Revised Code
  • Operate on the revenues generated on the airport; zero tax dollars
  • Hyper-focused on marketing and customer experience – preferred airport in NE Ohio
What is the mission of the Akron/Canton Airport?
To offer customers an exceptional travel experience while serving as a major driver in the economic growth of Northeast Ohio; an approach that manages the business sensibly plus remains socially and environmentally responsible.
What is CAK’s Service Area?
  • 30-Minute Drive Time
  • Population: 369,770
  • Labor Force: 185,495
  • Jobs: 173,985
  • 60-Minute Drive Time
  • Population: 2.7M
  • Labor Force: 1.4M
  • Jobs: 1.5M
  • 90-Minute Drive Time
  • Population: 4.2M
  • Labor Force: 2M
  • Jobs: 2.1M
What is CAK’s Economic Impact for the area?
  • One-billion-dollar economic impact
  • 4,486 jobs
  • $212 million in payroll generation
  • $85 million in total tax revenue
What has been the effect of Airline Consolidation on CAK?
Consolidation reduces hubs and results in less flights, fewer seats, and higher load factors, which means fewer airlines to go after for CAK
How has CAK overcome adversity through the years?
  • Strengthen relationships with incumbent carriers
  • Work with potential new entrant carriers
  • Research and identify airline strategies that work for Akron-Canton and Northeast Ohio
  • Attract new air service to match demand
  • Fill the airplanes at CAK, if CAK can prove there is demand, they make the case for continued service
  • Working with carriers to increase the size of aircraft while maintaining or increasing frequency
  • Proactively react to move from 50-seaters to larger aircraft
  • Gate modernization to accommodate current and future aircraft
  • Reduce airport operating costs
  • Advocate and utilize local, state and federal grant programs
  • Support air service and airlines through coalition of local leaders
How has COVID Impacted CAK and the airline industry?
  • COVID put the aviation industry in a tailspin.  The epidemic impact on the aviation industry escalated quickly.  It also created a huge drain on the resources available to the industry.  CAK, like most other airports, quickly shifted gears and began to implement additional safety measures.
What is ahead for CAK, post COVID?
Committed Airlines
  • CARES Act provisions allowed airlines to consolidate to CLE airport from CAK, but airlines stayed and have added back frequency.
Airport Improvements & Opportunities
  • CAK Gate Modernization finished ahead of schedule.
  • Pavement projects approved and scheduled.
  • Healthy travel enhancements.
  • Create innovative, sustainable, and economically beneficial commercial development of the Airport’s non-aviation land.
Renewable Energy Initiative
  • In the last 10 years transmission and distribution cost have gone up 50%.
  • Unreliable power? High energy costs? Budget constraints?
  • Airport facilities that can demonstrate controlled energy costs will be a key consideration for businesses locating to a specific Airport.
How can the Community help?
Support is Crucial
  • Confident that COVID-19 is going to hurt secondary airports most; to resume service CAK will need to mitigate risk.
  • The community must prove that people will fly from CAK.
  • The service CAK has needs to work before other carriers will consider.
  • Fill airplanes. If they aren’t filled, CAK won’t get more.
  • Data has become CAK’s leverage in air service development. Corporate/leisure travel volume is anonymous, only shared with airlines, and helps secure service.
  • Come to CAK with updates on new business, growing business or change in business. CAK can work together to build a story for the airlines. Not just employees, but vendors, clients, sales teams, and partners as well.
To learn more about the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) check out their website at
Yours in Service- 
Terry Dalton
Akron Club Secretary and Scholarship Chair