Posted by Dave Miller
Please mark your calendars for Thursday, September 30th, for a much needed night out with fellow Rotarians!  At 6:00pm all are welcomed to attend our next Rotary social event at The Cigar Lodge where you will find some of the best selections of cigars, bourbon, & whiskey in the Akron area.  
With plenty of room on their outdoor patio, or indoors if the weather were to take a turn, the night will be about fellowship.  There is no cost to attend, other than the cigars and libations you may choose to purchase, and guests are welcomed!
The Cigar Lodge is located 2989 S. Main St in Akron and their website is if you would like more information about the venue.
Hope to see you on the 30th at 6:00pm!
David Miller
Social Chair, Rotary Club of Akron