Maelle (Malou) Gorisse is enjoying her GAP year. She hails from the northern part of France close to the Belgium border and the beautiful French city of Lille. 
Malou lives with her parents and a younger brother. She finished her secondary schooling and selected to come to the U. S. before starting her studies at a French University. 
She is thrilled to be a Rotary Exchange student. 
Malou’s academic program focused on the traditional French curriculum. And foreign language was certainly part of that.   As many of you may have noticed, she is extremely accomplished in English and hopes to become a teacher of English in France someday.  She is currently attending Stow -Munroe Falls High School and participates in the District’s RYE activities.  
Malou’s 1st host family was Jen and Richard Carroll.  She is currently with her 2nd family.