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The Rotary Club of Akron had the opportunity at our Tuesday, October 26, 2021, Club meeting to listen to Mr. Stivers present information on the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

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Mission of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce:
“As the State’s leading business advocate and resource, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce aggressively champions free enterprise, economic competitiveness, and growth for the benefit of all Ohioans.”
Mr. Stivers began his presentation noting the three biggest challenges facing the State of Ohio from an employment perspective.  The three challenges according to Mr. Stivers are:
  •  Education and the Workforce:  We need to work on providing training for those who are unemployed or underemployed.
  • “Not getting enough stuff:” Supply chain issues.
  • Price increases: Inflation is a real issue.  Current inflation rate is 5.9%
Challenges affecting the Ohio Employment Picture:
  • Artificial Intelligence:  both a challenge as well as an opportunity.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide growth opportunities for businesses, but it is predicted that AI could displace 40% of the workforce in the next 10-15 years.  To combat this potential outcome, we must ensure the existing workforce is trained for new opportunities.
  • Work from Home:  Work from home is here to stay.  Companies will need to accommodate this work approach.  Cities need to look at how they need to adjust to lower tax revenues since they will no longer collect income taxes on commuter employees who are no longer commuting into the city where the employer is located/headquartered.
  • Movement to electric vehicles:  17% of Ohio business is automotive related.  Ohio needs to gear up to the opportunities in producing electric vehicles, parts, etc.
  • Equity Capital:  or the lack thereof.  Ohio needs to ensure we increase our equity capital to be competitive with other States and Countries.
The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has produced a “Blueprint for Ohio’s Economic Future” which is a 15-year plan.  The Ohio Chamber of Commerce sees the need for Ohio to make technology improvements over the next ten years to ensure each region of Ohio has growth capacity.  This growth capacity is contingent on having the IT technology infrastructure to allow regions to grow.
Several of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Categories are:
  • Civil Justice: The Ohio Chamber supports efforts to improve the legal climate in Ohio by promoting fairness and reducing liability and incentives for litigation.
  • Education and Workforce:  The Ohio Chamber urges policies that meet the demands of today’s workplace and respond to the needs of Ohio employers for qualified, well-trained employees.
  • Energy and Environment:  The Ohio Chamber encourages energy policies that protect businesses’ access to affordable, dependable energy and seeks environmental regulations based on sound science and comprehensive information.
  • Health Care:  The Ohio Chamber seeks to lower the overall cost of health care, so it is more affordable for employers.
  • Labor and Employment:  The Ohio Chamber supports protecting employers from unfair and harmful workplace rules and mandates.
  • Public Affairs:  The Ohio Chamber seeks to preserve employers’ ability to effectively advocate for policy solutions and engage in political activity.
  • Taxes:  The Ohio Chamber encourages a fair and equitable tax system that stimulates growth, innovation, and job creation.
  • Worker’s Compensation:   The Ohio Chamber supports a workers’ compensation system that runs efficiently and effectively and keeps premium costs competitive with other states’ systems.
To learn more about the Ohio Chamber of Commerce as well as their priorities under each of the categories listed above, I encourage readers to go to the Chamber’s website at
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