Posted by Terrence Dalton on Mar 10, 2021
President, Rotary Club of Akron 
Strategic Plan Follow-up from Our Club Assembly
During our Tuesday, March 9, 2021 Club meeting, President Rob McGregor provided an overview of the reboot of our Club’s Strategic Plan.  Shared below are the key elements of action items the Club’s Board of Directors believe we can tackle over the next 3-6 months. 

Board Summary of Akron Rotary Strategic Plan Re-boot quick action items:
  1. Create standard work for service project development, proposing and vetting.
Possible service project work group or sub-committee.
  1. Outline project frameworks-
Recurrent annual, one time, within our club/shared with a community partner or other Rotary Club.Create a grid of our current “regular projects” to better inform our club and community.
  1. Distribute Bio-information of new members.
  1. Set up joint (virtual for now) opportunities to highlight other organizations’ cultures. Food/drinks.
  2. Enhance our partnering efforts with Rotaract, Interact, and culturally different organizations/fraternities/sororities.  We can offer labor and financial support for their service projects.
  3. Strategize and be deliberate with short-and-long term engagements with diverse communities (Overlaps with Engagement group).
Rotary Experience
  1. Create current state GRID (See impact above #2) of our club’s activities organized by scope and level of RI: local club/zone/district/international.
  2. Create orientation plan for new members and periodic updates for more seasoned members.
  3. Update/enhance distribution and educate how to access bios of new members and their sponsors and intentionally highlight member’s businesses in newsletter (Overlaps with engage).
  1. Create a survey to determine HOW Rotarians want to connect and be engaged.
  2. Facilitate networking now – periodic vocational ice breakers.  Add titles/vocation/avocation on ZOOM name tags (and eventually on real name tags).  Can these action groups be a first step to engage new members and “voluntell” new member participation?
  3. Distribute Bio information (overlaps Impact/Inclusion/experience).
  1. Lean into North Hill area partners (International Institute, Asian Services, Celebration Church, North High) to give them something they perceive they need instead of us guessing/assuming we know what we should do (overlaps Inclusion).
  2. Begin dialogue with LeBron James Foundation for potential long-term project for respite at our camp for families ravaged by the pandemic (Overlaps Visibility/Impact).
  1. Develop formal policies/procedures for succession planning, on boarding, etc. to enhance efficient transitions and preserve institutional memory.
  2. Membership pathway development – couples/corporate/younger members under 35 (overlaps with inclusion).
  3. Create tools to educate and guide our members to better navigate Club Runner, on boarding checklists, more engagement with website (Overlaps with Visibility/Impact and Engage).