We would like to thank the SUPER Learning Center for allowing us to bring Christmas cheer to 150 very special children on December 15, 2016.
The event started with Santa arriving on a firetruck, sirens ablaze. You, however, cannot hear the sirens over the sounds of the children screaming with joy, their faces pushed up against the window, to see Santa Claus. The school has transformed their library into a winter-wonderland, complete with a throne clearly meant for no other but the jolliest of them all. Shortly after Santa settles in, he is greeted by his elves (teacher’s aides), who also provide specific information about each child through an earpiece receiver.
One at a time they enter and sit with Santa, smiles glued on their faces, but then a glow brighter than any star appears when Santa asks “Hey Jimmy, I’ve heard you have been helping a lot around the classroom this year” or “Good morning Susie, congratulations on winning the singing contest” (See image).
150 children sit with Santa and receive a gift, which was hand-picked by that child’s teacher (with some help from the parents).
After each class receives their gifts, they head back to their classrooms’, through the halls which each class has decorated in the spirit of Christmas, to open their presents. If you were to go back to the classroom with them and watch as they open their presents, you would think that each one of them received the perfect Christmas present. Unfortunately for some, this may be their only Christmas gift.
To say “thank you” to Rotary and Santa Claus, the children put on a show which includes the story of Christmas and several yuletide carols, some of which are performed in sign-language only.
Thank you again to SUPER Learning Center for letting us experience the joy of Christmas through these very special children’s eyes.  VIEW MORE OF OUR PHOTOS HERE