District Governor Myers presented member Terry Dalton with the District Governor's Citation - the Unsung Hero Award
The unsung hero award is designed for Club Presidents to pay tribute to a person whose special service to Rotary has placed them in a category all of their own. A person whose dedication and commitment to Rotary has been given without recognition, without reservation and unselfishly.  Many times it's done very quietly and behind the scenes. 
Each Club President is asked to select only one member annually from their Club for this prestigious award from the Governor. 
Dr. McGregor said "Terry has an uncanny ability to read my needs before I even know what they are."  He added that Terry is quite the parliamentarian and is the Robert's Rules champion.
You can view the presentation of the award by clicking here (at approximately 28:16 in the video) 
Terry has served the Club for many years as our Club Secretary and chair of the Scholarship Committee.  He is a veteran, has a degree in Social work and is an Eagle Scout.
Terry does a lot of things behind the scenes that most of us never see... organizing the scholarship interviews, finalizing the recipients, awards, and attendees for their presentations.  He facilitates putting together all the board meetings, records minutes and keeps our Club records in great order.  In addition, this year, he has organized several special meetings for our Club President and stepped in to help with the virtual weekly meetings and provides a recap of the speaker presentations so we can share them with others.  "No" is simply not in his vocabulary!
He shared that the the reason Rotary has been so meaningful and impactful in his life is that he truly lives by Service Above Self in all he does.  
CONGRATULATIONS TERRY!  A well-deserved award!!