Posted by Terrence Dalton
The speaker for our Tuesday, April 6th Club meeting was Tiffany Roper, CEO of Eat, Speak, Love LLC.  Tiffany was born in Akron, and is a two-time graduate of Kent State University with a B.A. in Psychology and a M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health. Her passion has always been to help others help themselves by providing guidance, resources, and inspiration for success. View the presentation (click here).
After working many years providing mental health counseling, Ms. Roper ventured out on her new business just prior to the pandemic hitting the community.  Despite the pandemic, she has been very successful in growing her business.
According to Ms. Roper, “In a rapidly changing and unpredictable world, entrepreneurship and business ownership seems riskier than ever. Big business and major corporations tend to have financial security, larger platforms, and a more stable customer base than do their smaller homegrown counterparts.
When it comes to women and minorities in business, the disparities in access to capital, mentorship, lack of exposure make successful business ownership appear to be beyond our reach. Despite these disparities, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains alive!”
Eat Speak Love (ESL) serves to turn small businesses into an experience. They invite local entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, chefs, and speakers in to showcase their talents and ultimately, enhance Akron’s economic, culinary, and cultural scenes.  ESL serves as a launchpad for women and minority entrepreneurs to market their unique brands, vision, and passion projects.
A unique aspect of Tiffany’s business is her SMALLBIG Box. Eat Speak Love, is committed to the local economy, their partners, and their patrons. ESL strives to amplify the voices of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and local creatives who discover, innovate, and craft. The boxes contain product samples and previews of mainly women and minority business owners, whose products are sure to be your next obsession.
A SMALLBIG BOX can be purchased for $30 and a SMALLBIG BOX  - 3 Box Subscription normally selling for $90 can now be purchased for $75.00
Speaking  Opportunities
Ms. Roper is also available to speak to organizations.  She can spark the motivation and inspiration your workers/team needs to increase productivity, team cohesion, and overall gratitude.  She offers interactive presentations virtually or in person (within COVID guidelines).  Several of her topics include: Gratitude, Personal Elevation, Living in Purpose, Sisterhood and Women Empowerment.
ESL Partners
Our partners are local business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries who own, seek to open, or are starting businesses in the Greater Akron Area. ESL’s priority is to highlight and support women and minorities who are embarking on their own journey of equitable business ownership. Through their collaboration they will showcase the talent, quality, and passion that goes into the products of any small business. At ESL, our patrons are invested in the revitalization of Akron’s economy, cultural diversity, and overall small business expansion.
Individuals wishing to learn more about ESL are encouraged to visit their website at, or visit them on Facebook at eatspeaklove.akron.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Terry Dalton
Rotary Club of Akron Secretary