Posted by Terrence Dalton
The Rotary Club of Akron had the privilege of listening to our own member, Brian Kosarko, discuss the value of having the “right” Information Technology (IT) support to prevent, ensure, and recover from IT incidents. 
Who Needs Professional IT Services?
  • Businesses of all sizes.
  • Businesses where a non-IT employee is responsible for IT issues.
    • Family member, shipping person, business owner
      • Not the best use of their time or the right expertise level
  • Businesses that are growing.
  • Businesses that don’t have a plan.
  • Businesses that are trying to keep up with today’s technological demands.
What are the Problems Twin Pines Technology (TPT) Solves?
  • Productivity – (loss of)
  • Security – Out of date computers, Microsoft patches for computers and servers.
  • Accessibility -
  • Planning/Design -
  • Accessing data securely – when the customers want it, how they want it and where they want it.
How Does Twin Pines Technology Solve It?
  • A suite of tools that monitors, manages, and alerts TPT of issues for each device.
  • Proactive diagnostics and solutions before problems become “big problems.”
  • Support systems with a team answering calls and supporting clients.
  • Providing customers with overarching technology strategy plans, then implementing the plans and adjusting as client needs change.
  • Finding new and creative solutions to “pain points.”
Why Prevent, Ensure, Recover?
Prevent:  Twin Pines Technology will do their best following industry standards and tools to prevent any data loss, cyber-attacks, ransomware, or downtime. 
No matter how detailed the plan is, issues will still happen.
Ensure:  Make sure plans, procedures, and coverages are in place for data loss or breaches.
Recover:  Have the ability to quickly recover when prevention was not enough.
Brian’s final comment before the Q & A section was this.  “If you think an IT department would handle it, or think it is technology related, we probably handle it."
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Terry Dalton
Akron Club Secretary & Scholarship Chair