Posted by Mark Seward on May 03, 2019
Our Rotary Club will be participating this year in the United Way Day of Action on Friday, June 21nd. This is a hands-on service project, which can be very personally rewarding.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!
In the past, our Club has been involved in beautifying adult day care homes for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and special needs. Additionally, we have been involved in helping to construct and beautify homes for families living in blighted areas near the University of Akron.
During the first week of June, we will receive our specific assignment from United Way. At that time, we will communicate this to all volunteers.
We are looking for 25 volunteers on Friday, June 21nd. We will be running split shifts from 9am-12pm and 12pm-3pm, so you can sign up for one of these shifts (or both) if you are able to do so. Thank you for your participation.
Yours in Service -