Contribution Avenues for the Akron Rotary Foundation


During this joyous Christmas season , helping the less fortunate, particularly children with special needs, reflects the best nature of Rotarians.  A year-end gift to the Akron Rotary Foundation is the ideal way to provide support to our local charities.


There are several ways to contribute to the Akron Rotary Foundation, including :


(A) Planned Giving Program

The Planned Giving Program consists of naming the Akron Rotary Foundation in a Will or a Codicil to your Will. The Akron Rotary Foundation may also be named beneficiary in a life insurance policy, an IRA or in your Keough Plan.


The Planned Giving described here has the benefit of making a substantial gift without a negative impact on one's current finances.


(B) Memorial Tribute Fund

      The Memorial Tribute Fund provides an opportunity to honor someone's life and / or       

       accomplishments. Upon receipt of a contribution, the Akron Rotary Foundation will    

       send the honoree an acknowledgement of the donation, without specifying the   

       amount, made in his / her honor and the name of the donor.


(C) Rotarians' Birthday Contribution.

       What better ways to celebrate one's birthday than by giving joy and help to the

       people who are in need? 


These funding programs are intended to finance activities that benefit youth and children with special needs, particularly when they are not otherwise being met. Some of the ongoing projects include:


·         The Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs;

·         Barrett Academy ;

·         Scholarships for high school and college students;

·         International Rotary Exchange Students;

·         Other projects sponsored by Akron Rotary Clubs.


The Akron Rotary Foundation is a 501c3 organization; thus, the contribution is tax deductible.


For any further information, please contact The Rotary Club of Akron at 4460 Rex Lake Drive, Akron, OH 44319, telephone 330-644-4512; or any Akron Rotary Foundation member.