Have you ever wondered why some Akron Rotarians have gold name badges?

Posted by the Akron Rotary Planned Giving Committee
Perhaps you thought they are a great fashion accessory or that they improve cell phone reception. While these may be true, the real reason is to symbolize commitment to the perpetuation of the good works of Akron Rotary.
The more Rotary experiences you have, the more committed you will be to this idea; the good work of our Akron Club, Camp and Foundation and the Rotary International Foundation must continue in perpetuity. What we accomplish today is owing largely to the vision and generosity of those who went before us.
There will always be children with special needs. There must always be people and resources to improve their lives. They are called Rotarians.
Fortunately, Akron Rotary has a planned giving program “The Centennial Society” to facilitate the perpetuation of our good works.  Many Rotarians have made commitments to include Rotary (Camp, Club, Foundation and/or International Foundation) in their wills or other estate instruments. Those commitments reflect the passion for the mission. The size of the bequests are governed by each donor’s capacity as determined by them.
Here are some things you should know:
  1. You can become part of “The Centennial Society” without specifying an $ amount. This can be confidential and modified as your capacity and/or commitment grows.
  2. There are a dazzling array of techniques to do this. There is one to fit your individual circumstances, including tax planning, retirement income options and the structure of your support.
  3. If you are new to Rotary and not ready to participate in this, you can still get some ideas from our in-house experts for future thinking.
During the next few weeks, members of our Centennial Society will provide a brief testimony during our Tuesday Rotary lunches as to why they are committed to supporting the continued good works of Akron Rotary!  
Mid-summer we will be presenting our newest members with their gold name badges. All you have to do is reach out to any of the Akron Rotary Planned Giving committee members to begin your confidential discussion. We have had a great deal of success by simply explaining options to our fellow Rotarians and have not, and will not, resort to any fund raising that will make you uncomfortable. When the time comes, the right method for you will make you feel great.
Akron Rotary Planned Giving Committee
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