Just like the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, which was created in 1917 for the purpose of "doing good in the world," the Akron Rotary Foundation supports activities for youths and is dedicated to furthering world understanding and peace.

The Akron Rotary Foundation Board consists of nine directors who serve a three-year term each. Three of the directors rotate on, and three rotate off the Board at the beginning of each calendar year. The nine directors on the Board elect their own officers for the Foundation, which consist of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board invests, grows then distributes the moneys to Rotary and community projects. These Directors invest, manage, and grow the Foundation dollars.

The Akron Rotary Foundation is committed to guidance, support, and education of area youth and special needs children. This is best said in the Akron Rotary Foundation's Vision and Mission Statements which read:

The Vision of the Akron Rotary Foundation is to provide funding for opportunities for youth that are supported by the Rotary Club of Akron with special emphasis on educational and recreational needs of emotionally and physically challenged children.


The Akron Rotary Foundation is committed to providing financial support of positive educational and recreational experiences for youth through the prudent management and disbursement of its financial resources. 

This includes funding for:  The Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs, Barrett Academy, International Rotary Exchange Students, Scholarships for students from the Akron high schools and other activities supported by the Rotary Club of Akron.