This is a list of items the camp would like to acquire.  You may also visit our Camp Donation Page which lists several ways of giving/donating. CLICK HERE

If you have an item to donate please email  or call the camp office at 330.644.4512

Thank you for your support.

·       Pillows, sheets, sleeping bags

·       Karaoke machine                     

·       Sports and games equipment (balls, bean bags, parachute, etc.)     

·       Nature equipment (microscopes, aquariums, etc)       

·       Frozen aquatic turtle food

·       Animal hides

·       Arts and crafts supplies (scissors, paper, paints, etc)

·       Crock pots for candle making                                

·       Beach toys

·       Water guns

·       Canoe paddles                                    

·       Digital cameras                         

·       Leaf blowers     

·       Duct tape and masking tape

·       Large Coolers

·       5 gallon beverage coolers

·       Copy paper (white & colored)

·       Brooms & dust pans

·       Gift cards/certificates for staff appreciation (Taco Bell, Starbucks, PAVS Ice Cream, Target)

·       Small toys for the treasure chest