Akron Rotary Camp and the Akron Area YMCA continue to grow because of the dedication and commitment of our many volunteers.  We are very pleased to congratulate Danny Durst and Alaina Collins, daughter of Dan and Sandy Collins, as they were recognized as Akron Rotary Camp’s 2018 Volunteers of the Year at the recent Akron Area YMCA’s Annual Dinner and Recognition event.

Danny received his award for all his help with the Chili Open and past two Regattas. For the last six years, Danny has been keeping track and processing all data for raffle tickets sold during the annual Chili Open.
Danny has also served on the boards of West Hill Neighborhood Organization, Actors-N-Theatre in Cuyahoga Falls, and Ohio Community Theatre Association. He has volunteered with Actors' Summit and the Big Love Network on their City Repair wing. Annually, he assists with the set-up and tear down for Global Ties Akron International Thanksgiving Dinner. 
Alaina is a senior at Hoban High School, and volunteered at Akron Rotary Camp last summer. She fell in love with the campers and staff, and completed over 150 hours of volunteering.
Alaina’s passion for working with children and adults with special needs began at 10 years old when she began assisting the coaches for American Elite Idols, a special needs competitive cheer team. She volunteered with the Idols for 7 years. Her passion for the special needs community grew even stronger at Akron Rotary Camp.
Alaina plans on studying abroad in the fall and starting at the college of Charleston in the spring of 2020.
Thank you, Danny and Alaina, for giving so much of yourself to the special needs community!