This week our speaker was Barbara Feld, Director of Development at Apollo's Fire.  Performing on historical instruments, Apollo’s Fire brings to life the music of the past for audiences of today. 
Prior to her presentation, Paul Jarret delivered this inspirational message, authored by famed music producer Rick Ruben, about creativity and how we each bring talents to our everyday lives.
Everyone Is a Creator
Those who do not engage in the traditional arts might be wary of calling themselves artists. They might perceive creativity as something extraordinary or beyond their capabilities. A calling for the special few who are born with these gifts.
Fortunately, this is not the case.
Creativity is not a rare ability. It is not difficult to access.
Creativity is a fundamental aspect of being human. It's our birthright. And it's for all of us.
Creativity doesn't exclusively relate to making art. We all engage in this act on a daily basis.
To create is to bring something into existence that wasn't there before. It could be a conversation, the solution to a problem, a note to a friend, the rearrangement of furniture in a room, a new route home to avoid a traffic jam.
What you make doesn't have to be witnessed, recorded, sold, or encased in glass for it to be a work of art. 
We read words, hear voices, and form in-terpretations. Then, in an instant, we produce a response.
All of this in a world of our own creation.
By the mere fact of being alive, we are active participants in the ongoing process of creation.
To live as an artist is a way of being in the world. A way of perceiving. A practice of paying attention. Refining our sensitivity to tune in to the more subtle notes. Looking for what draws us in and what pushes us away. 
Noticing what feelings arise and where they lead.
You exist as a creative being in a creative universe. A singular work of art.
Paul Jarrett, Executive Director
Akron Symphony Orchestra
c. 216.401.5310