Posted by George Rooney on Aug 28, 2017

Below, Nathanael congratulates his grandfather, Charles W. for being recognized as an Honorary Rotarian.
     The Billow Rotary Dynasty in Akron began with Captain George Billow, who served in the Civil War, and founded the first funeral home in Akron.  Captain George wasn’t an Akron Rotarian, because there was no Akron Rotary Club during his prime.  But Captain George had three sons who became Akron Rotarians.
     The eldest son, George W. Billow, was a Charter Member of the Akron Club in 1914, and served as its President in 1916-17.  The second son, Charles F. Billow, was an Honorary Member of the Club.  And the third son, Edwin Billow, was also a member.   
     But of those three 1st generation members, it was Charles F. Billow whose progeny has resulted in this amazing 5-generation Rotary family.  Charles F. Billow’s son, Arthur F. Billow, was an active member of the Akron club, and the thread continued when Arthur’s son, Charles W. (Chuck) Billow, joined the Akron Club in 1952.  Chuck loved the Akron Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs, and enjoyed driving kids to the Camp.  Chuck was known to take his family on vacations in the United States and Europe, crafting those vacation itineraries around attending other Rotary clubs to keep his perfect attendance intact. Chuck continued as an active member of the Akron Club for over 65 years, when he was recognized and inducted as an Honorary Member on August 22, 2017.  The Akron Club expects that Honorary Membership to continue for many years.  
     Through Chuck’s example, the Rotary string has continued.  Chuck’s son, Charles M. (Chip) Billow, was a member of the Akron Club for several years before he moved to Tallmadge, where he is still a Rotarian.  And Chip’s son, Nathanael, representing the 5th generation, was inducted into the Akron Club on August 1, 2017.
     All of these Billow family members have been active in the family business – the Billow Company – that operates the Billow Funeral Homes and Crematory, a premier Akron business since 1915.
     For over 100 years and spanning 5 generations - from the very formation of the Akron Rotary Club in 1914 to the present time – the Billow Rotary Dynasty has reigned in Akron.
George Rooney
August 28, 2017